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P2000 Pedal

P2000 Pedal

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Restocking for the entire range is expected around April 15th.
"S" represents the Standard option, indicating standard pedals.
"R" stands for the hydraulic mechanism.
"F" denotes a dual-pedal configuration, featuring one brake and one throttle pedal.
"L" indicates a modification where the standard throttle pedal is replaced with a longer throttle plate.
"100" indicates a sensor range of 100 kg.
"200" indicates a sensor range of 200 kg.

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Product Name
P2000-R Hydraulic Pedals
12 bit (4096) Full Axis Output
USB Connection
PC, Simagic Wheelbase
Adjustable Travel Supported
Adjustable Spring Force Level
Clutch, Brake
Loadcell sensor
Throttle, Brake, Clutch
Hydraulic Cylinder
Pedal Plate
Anodized Aluminum Alloy
Position Adjustment Supported
Adjustable Damping Supported
Adjustable Linearity Supported
Adjustable Brake Force Supported
Adjustable Deadzones Supported
Pedal Control Box Included
Building Material
CNC Aluminum Alloy
Dimensions ( Length x Width x Height)
326mm x 380mm x 258.84mm
Net Weight
6.1 Kg
In the Package
Brake Springs, Clutch Springs, Pedal Control Box, Mounting Plate, 3M Stickers, USB Cable, Installation Kit, Warranty Card
Optional Accessories
Throttle Long/Side Plate, Heel Stop, Foot Rest, Travel Limiter


Name Version Date Download/Preview
P2000-R-Diameters 2022-09-14
P2000-R Quick Guide 1.0 2022-08-02

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Mateusz Banasik
Product not delivered yet

Unfortunatelly product still not delivered, no communication from the Team till our escalation.

We sincerely apologize for the extended shipping time due to the recent congestion in the European logistics network. Your order is currently out for delivery and is expected to arrive within the next 1-2 days.
Please keep an eye on emails from

Rafael Benavides
Everything excellent

It took me a week to find the setting and adjustment of the pedals and seat in the cockpit to feel comfortable. but now it's comfortable for me. Maybe should include a better explanation of what each adjustment does.


Quick shipment from China to Dubai without any hassle. The product is top notch! Thank you simagic keep up the good work!