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FX Pro Formula Steering Wheel

FX Pro Formula Steering Wheel

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Sharp and Vivid 4.3" LCD display. Real time data monitoring for multiple telemetry systems. Multi-scene screen presets and real-time switching make it easy to monitor your vehicles telemetry. POP UP alert system notifies you to various race information like flags, faults, and race commands *For Supported Titles*.

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Wheel Type
Formula Steering Wheel/GT
SIMAGIC S-ray Multi-function RGB light 1
Diameter 290mm
Net Weight 1700g
Wheel building material
Carbon Fiber
Grip material Silcone
7-way Multi-position Rotary Switch 1
Customizable RGB buttons 12
Rotary Encoders 5
Thumb Rotary Encoders 4
HALL Paddle Module Included
6 paddle modules Included
Quick Release
SIMAGIC QR50 Included
Accessories Warranty Card, Installation Kit, USB 3.0 Cable, Button cap stickers (128x)


Name Version Date Download/Preview
SIMAGIC All Wheel Updater v1.2.7 2023-05-31
FX Pro - Diameters 2022-09-14
FX Pro - Quick Guide 2022-09-02
FX Pro - User Manual 2022-09-02

Customer Reviews

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This steering wheel's looks and handling are seriously cool, no kidding!

Just received this steering wheel, and initially, I was a bit concerned about the multitude of buttons and the wealth of information on the screen, fearing it might be too complex to operate. Also, the carbon fiber wheel didn't feel as light as expected. However, in practice, the information on the screen is intuitive, and the presets for different scenarios are practical. The lightweight carbon fiber wheel and the comfortable silicon grip make it easy to handle. Overall, it took a bit to get used to, but it became more convenient with time.