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Alpha Mini Wheel Base (In stock)

Alpha Mini Wheel Base (In stock)

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Custom 5-pole servo motors
ensure the best Direct Drive
experience possible
10Nm maximum torque delivers clean
and detailed Force Feedback
1ms Ultra-fast response time
with virtually zero latency
Now with 360hz force feedback for iRacing

Receive a FREE P-325C with any purchase of $1,200 USD or more - Only for Website.

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Motor Type
Custom 5-pole servo motors
Maximum Torque
10 Nm
Wireless Power Supply Tech Included
3rd Filter Included
Encoder Resolution
262144 ppr
Processor Frequency
Response Rate
40 Khz
Mounting Bracket Optional
SIMAGIC Quick Release Optional
Building Materials
Aluminum Alloy, Carbon Fiber
256.5mm x 110mm x110mm
Mounting Holes
M6 X 4 Threaded Holes
Net Weight
In the Package
Warranty Card, Installation Kit, PSU, USB Cable


Name Version Date Download/Preview
Alpha Mini Base - User Manual 2022-08-16
Alpha Mini-Quick Guide 1 2022-12-19
Alpha Mini-Diameters V2 2023-01-29
Alpha Mini-Diameters V1 2023-01-29

What's in the Box

PSU × 1
Warranty Card × 1
Wheelbase × 1

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
People recommend it for a reason

Everything arrived in great shape and the installation was literally plug & play. The mini is more than enough for me and the feedback is miles ahead compared to the G923 I previously had. Great product for its price

Paulo Mendonça
Amazing product!

Coming from a Fanatec CSL GT DD Pro 8Nm this is a big upgrade. It is so, unbelievable smooth! I don't feel any cogging at all, even if it's powered down there's nothing but a smooth movement. In-game the FFB is amazing out of the box for me. Simagic offers curated settings for every game that exists and out of the box they all feel great for my liking. They also have an amazing Discord where loads of users unite to share experiences and help each other out, with Simagic support stepping in when needed.

On top of all that, what they say is true: this base feels stronger than 10Nm. This is great because bigger diameter wheels to still feel good even on an entry level base. In fact it is very heavy and detailed, to the point that I don't think I'll ever need to upgrade, and if I do it will be another Simagic base!

If I can only be a bit neat-picky, I do feel the base a bit warm after normal usage. This is perfectly normal and is not gonna endanger my equipment. I DO NOT feel less force as a result of it getting warm. But, for future products, I would love if Simagic figured out a better passive cooling solution for their bases. The new Fanatec bases have very, very good designs that Simagic could use as reference for the Alpha Evo or whatever they come up with next.

Again, thanks Simagic! Keep doing great work! Love from Brazil!

Yan Dashko
Alpha mini

My first dd base and i can't believe how smooth it is perfect feedback also
Best one for this price!!!

Abdulelah Alhussain

Alpha Mini Wheel Base

Ricardo Alonso
Great FFB and quality

The Force Feedback is amazing, lots of details on track. Also, the base feels really solid.