About Us

Dreams of Racing Fueled By Passion

Coming from modest backgrounds, but infected by the need for speed.

Although we had some talent in real life racing, the lack of funds to fuel that passion was not enough to satisfy our addiction as real life motorsports was and is still beyond the reach of many.  We were however determined to find ways to improve our skills and make practice effective yet affordable.

So it started with us asking ourselves, "How do we find ways to satisfy this goal in the most immersive ways?"

In 2018, fueled by this passion and armed with advanced degrees in engineering and control systems, SIMAGIC was born.

We went about developing the kind of wheel base we wanted and needed... it had to be a direct drive for unmatched realism, yet, affordable.  Easy to use and built with high quality components to last.  Real carbon fibre, real metal where possible; high quality components, no compromise.  After all we were in Shenzhen, the Silicon Valley of the East, factory to the world, the talent, resources, were all here.  While we were at it, we thought to ourselves, why not make it just like real race cars with a motorsports grade QR system.  It's never been done before so we had to develop new ways of power delivery and data communication to do this.  The result is the much loved and flatteringly imitated QR system that have become so familiar in sim today.

Aug 2018, The M10 was introduced to the world and it catapulted SIMAGIC into the consciousness of sim racers all over.  SIMAGIC became the subject of memes...

It has been 4 years since and what followed after were GT Wheel Series, FX wheel series, a Servo Base series, Pedals, Sequential Shifter, handbrake and more, the SIMAGIC ecosystem is only just the beginning.

4 years is neither short nor long.  Short for the amount of innovation and products that we have developed, long enough to have proven that we are here for the long haul and our products have stood the test of time and our commitment to all who have believed in us.

One thing remains unchanged, we started with motorsports as a passion and we will continue to drive this point in every product we develop and every innovation we come up with.  Everything we do is benchmarked and tested by real drivers who believe in the art of sim as a tool for real life driving.  We will continue to commit ourselves to being the choice of real drivers and those who strive to be one.  This will always be the one thing that sets us apart from everyone else.  The game just got seriously fun…so KEEP RACING!

SIMAGIC was founded in 2018.


FROM the FIRST products TO the making of the company, it had been 3 years.

FROM the FIRST DAY of the company TO a complete eco-system. Another 3 years.

During that TIME, SIMAGIC expanded quickly. Its innovations LIKE Wireless POWER Supply AND QUICK RELEASE are NOW common practices IN the industry.

SIMAGIC technologies revolve around USER Experience. Its mechanical structures AND countless firmware updates easily reflect the R&D efforts spent FOR the best authenticity AND adjustability.



The traditional racing simulators USE belts AND gears. They can hardly satisfy needs beyond entertainment.

The devices are NOT precise AND sturdy enough, TO compare WITH Direct Drive wheelbases WITH FULL metal construction. 

IN short, they offer NOT enough “simulation”, AND NOT enough “reality”.

SIMAGIC offers: 

NEW gen simulators built around REAL Direct Drive Servo Motors.

Authenticity of REAL driving feel achieved BY mechanical structures AND REAL car mechanisms LIKE Hydraulic Pumps. 

Professionalism guaranteed BY a special R&D team made of the best simulator engineers AND motorsport engineers  nationwide.

“Going FROM a sim cockpit TO a race car cockpit” has become a common training scenario FOR many REAL racers.



FOR entertainment: SIMAGIC IS compatible WITH ALL major racing simulators/Software/games ON PC.


FOR EVENTS/Activities: SIMAGIC offers customization FROM exterior TO interior (software).

Partnership: Apart FROM offering product AND technological supports, we provide you WITH marketing support TO grow faster IN the sim market.

E-Sport: SIMAGIC offers you ONE-STOP solutions FROM hardware supports TO operational supports. 



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